Development and team day – 2019

Last year, we were invited by our team manager from work to his sailboat, and it was very nice. We liked it all, and decided that if possible, we would do it again. And luckily it was possible this year too, so off we went this year again.

So as many company’s in Finland, our’s as well, make it possible for teams to spend time together,  outside of the office. Many teams make the event to a both work and entertainment happening. As you are outside of the office setting, you are often able to go thru things and issues that’s often pushed aside in the hectic everyday life.

So on Thursday morning I met up with a colleague first in Espoo, and then together drove to our office in Salo, were we met up with the rest of our team. Then headed off from the Salo office for the last leg by car. The journey takes about an hour from Salo onwards. After reaching the boat we set off for the boating part of the trip. This time around we actually got to sail, instead of just going by with engine power, that was our only disappointment a year ago.

The Captain and true sailor, and me, the beginner.

As our team manager, and captain of the boat was the only sailor, there was continues guidance on what rope to pull, or what leaver to turn, what heading to go to etc. But everything went well and everybody had fun. As we are into fall already, and the temperature was only 2 degrees Celsius, the wind felt very chilly out on the sea. We managed to avoid rain clouds, which was of course nice.

After approximately one hour of sailing we arrived at the overnight spot.

We started with the work part of the trip immediately upon of arrival. After going thru the agenda, with surprisingly few detours of conversation, we started making dinner. There was lamb with cream potato’s and salad. Everything was very good and after dinner there was four full and happy guys. Everybody was eagerly awaiting for the sauna, as it had been chilly the whole day, so pretty soon after the dinner that was arranged.

Everything was soooo good!

After a long day with a lot of activity, we slept on the boat. I slept very well, better then in a long times at home.

A plastic bag got to isolate a dry foot from a soaking wet shoe.

The next morning started on my part with some unexpected action. When I was getting of the boat, and stepped onto the pier. The board cracked under me, and my whole leg fell thru. Halfway up to my knee went into the sea, and not even my Gore-Tex shoes could save me from getting a wet foot. Luckily no injury was sustained, but the pier is going to need a new board. As I didn’t have any extra shoes with me, we had to get creative to keep my foot dry.

We ate breakfast on the boat, packed everything up, and headed back on to the sea, and towards the mainland pier. Our departure was timed perfectly as only minutes after setting off, heavy rain clouds approach us, and we managed to sail away from them. The Finnish archipelago is very beautiful, and below there’s a couple of pictures to prove the point.  During the end of the return trip, we had to set the engine on, as the winds weren’t  strong enough to get us forward.

The boat was tied to the pier, and we sat back, into the car for the drive back to the office in Salo.
Upon arrival to Salo, two of our group of four, got off and headed towards work and remaining two continued the drive back to Espoo from where we started the previous day.

I would like to one more time thank the whole team for a very nice day trip, and specially Team Manager, and boat Captain Riku for arranging everything for us!

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