Who am I?

I am:

  • -81 born youngish man.
  • Father of 3 girls.
  • Married and deeply in love with my wife.
  • Former handball player.
  • Born in Helsinki, raised up in Vantaa, and now live in Espoo.
  • Technology interested.
  • At times very lazy.
  • My idols are
    • Teemu Selänne (Retired – NHL),
    • Michael Owen (Retired – Premier League),
    • Mikkel Hansén (PSG Handball) and Victor Tomas (FC Barcelona),
    • Elisabeth Rehn (Retired – Finnish politician)
    • Pink Floyd and Metallica (English & American rock bands)
    • Michael Johnson & Usain Bolt (Retired – Track and field athletes)
    • Michael Jordan (Retired – NBA)

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