Home sweet home

Our trip drew to an end as we woke up on Friday morning. There was packing, and cleaning of the apartment, and then the drive back to Tallinn.

The apartment were to be checked-out from at 11am, and 10:45 we called our superhost Evelin to remotely lock the door.

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As the weather ironically this morning was good, and we didn’t have any rush back to the ferry, we headed back to the playground by the beach. Sun was shining and we even wondered off to the beach. But as we were to start eating a snack lunch by the playground dark clouds came upon us. As a few raindrops fell on us, we headed to the car to continue the picnic there, which was the right thing to do, because suddenly it started pouring down water.

Storks nest on a electricity pole just beside the highway. On the drive down to Pärnu my wife saw a bird in it, but not on the way back.

As everything was soaking wet from the rain at the playground, we decided to start the aprox. 2h drive back to Tallinn. The drive went  well, and as we had on the drive to Pärnu, we also got a super heavy rain-shower upon us while driving back. All three kids fell asleep, so the majority of the drive we spent in peace and harmony. We arrived to Tallinn in good time at 2pm, and decided to head into town for something to eat.

We had been to a good restaurant with Annika previously and decided to go there again, but they were full, and we ended up going to a place which was recommended to us. The food there was equally good. The time had caught up on us, so we then headed to the harbour. As we had done a pre-order of beverages, we checked in and then drove to the pick-up place. Packing went smoothly and once again we stood in a car line. We were guided up on the ferry to something they called garage, which ended up being just beside the taxfree shop, and with ease we could immediately go place our shopping to the car, not needed to drag it around the boat after us. Another thing we noticed during our cruise was that there was way less people this time. It was awkwardly little amount of people on board.

Garage area on the ferry. A lot of empty slots as there was so few passengers.

The ferry ride was spent like the previous one, in the kids corner. Upon arrival in Helsinki, the kids were overly tired, which appeared in somewhat hysterical laughing and babbling. Once home they were set to sleep in their familiar beds, and within 10 minutes all three was in deep sleep.

As a summary of our trip we can conclude that it was a successful one. Although the weather was somewhat mischievous, we got to see the city, beach, playgrounds, MiniZoo and surrounding area. We could definitely visit Pärnu again at some time.


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