Book challenge

In 2018 i had a plan; to read at least one book per month. I failed, I failed BIG! I just concluded for myself, I did not have the strength, the true will power to execute this modest task. It was obvious pretty early during the year, that I would not complete the self made “project”. The disappointment slowly faded but didn’t disappear during the year.

At the turn to year 2019 the spark to try this again re-appeared. And after a 3 month start, it again faded away. Started on a book in April and May, and none of the two books got finished.

So in January 2020 I altered the book challenge, from one book per month, to just read, and follow up, and that way slowly add the amount of books I read. At the end of 2020 I found audiobooks again, and this time got hooked on them as I did my long walks. I’ve added “(AB)” on the line as explanatory. I’ve also added a new table at the bottom of the page, where I give a star based grade for the book. The number at the beginning of each line represents in which order I’ve listened to the books.

Month/year:Book:Link to post:
July/2021 William G. Baker; Alcatraz #1259Link>>>
October/20201. Martin Short; I must say: My life as humble comedy legend. (AB)
2. Aki Linnanahde; Jere (AB)
3. Kari Hotakainen; The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen (AB)
March/2020Alcatraz from inside; Jim Quillen: One man’s climb from desperation to redemption.Link>>>
January/2020Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford; The Phoneix project.Link>>>
March/2019Ljubomir Vranjes; Jag vill bara vinna.Link>>>
February/2019Antti Merilehto; Tekoäly: Matkaopas johtajalle.Link>>>
January/2019Bob Woodward; Fear: Trump in the White House.Link>>>
Audiobook title:Stars:
Martin Short; I must say: My life as humble comedy legend.4,5 / 5
Kari Hotakainen; The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen4 / 5
Aki Linnanahde; Jere3,5 / 5