A day for the kids

As we yesterday had a day with a visit to the center of Pärnu for walking and checking in the city, which not always is the funnest for kids, we today planned the day more around the kids fun things to do.

Due to the weather forecast saying there would be rain starting at 1 pm, we headed straight away to the beach. Although the weather wasn’t the best sunbathing, the air was still pretty warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, and the wind wasn’t to bad either. As soon as we hit the beach the kids went, well, crazy:ish. Shoes flew off in a matter of seconds, and the running started.

A good thing with the beaches in Pärnu is that they are shallow for a long way. So the kids can be let loose pretty easily, and as every parents know, although you tell them to try and keep the clothes dry, you know that won’t be the end result. A lot of digging in the sand, giggles, happy cheers and “look at this” etc was the activity down the beach.

The nearer it became 1pm, the darker the sky got, and we decided to head back to the apartment to avoid the rain. At home we then ate a light snack, and as there was no rain, we headed to a playground very near the beach. The kids played for some time, and slowly but surely hunger started creep up to us all. The playground itself gave us mixed feelings. On one hand there were activities of a large variety. But most of them you had to pay for. And the part that was free to use, the main playground itself was pretty worn down.

I had looked up a place just beside the playground where we planned to eat, but sadly that place was closed. So we hopped in the car, and went to a shopping mall, to get some food both prepared, as well to be bought back home.

We ended up going to a restaurant called Da Vinci pasta and pizza. I ordered a grilled flank steak with french fries, and a Da Vinci pesto sauce. And my god it was good, especially the pesto sauce. The waitress told me that it was made at location by their chef, and if I knew it would have been that good, I would have ordered just a big bowl of that. The pesto sauce was hands down the BEST I’ve ever had! If you ever come here, you must go there and taste it for yourself.

We then tried the third shop during our stay in Pärnu, and this was called Hyper Rimi, and it truly was a Hypermarket. The largest sort in Finland is called Citymarket, and I would argue that they come in second in comparison. Dessert ice cream, and some small food items were bought back to the apartment. I also visited a sport store where I found new shoes with price tag with 50% off. The day seemed to have been long, because on the short 10 minutes drive back home, two out of three children fell asleep.

Today some travel fatigue has started to be seen in the kids, in the form of bickering, but hopefully that will be absent tomorrow as we check-out from our apartment, and head back home. It will be a long day as the ferry sets off 19:30, and will be in Helsinki 21:30, and before we are off the ferry and drive back home, the time will most probably be around 22:30. And guessing, the kids will still be up the normal 6 – 7am.

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