Rain, or no rain?

The first whole day in Pärnu is coming to it’s end. The weather forecast felt like not to be trusted, as it seemed to change by the hour, or even every timed you refreshed the webpage.

After a slow morning we started to plan the program for the day. We ended up going to the center of Pärnu, which is located about 20 minutes walk according to Google Maps. So as we didn’t think the kids would be happy about first walking that, and then all the walking in the center and back, we decided to drive a bit closer. Found a free parking spot and then took to the feet.

The whole area is an interesting mix of old wooden buildings, mixed with new ones, and in a way it’s pretty charming, and on the other-hand a bit sad to see. Because the old ones can be in pretty bad shape, needing a whole lot of work to regain it’s splender and charm. Another thing I noticed was that somehow the city center seems to be overly represented by different restaurants and bars.

Some of the old buildings then again are restored and looks great. When walking the streets I could hear several nationalities. At least the following languages did I hear; Finnish, Swedish, German, Russian, Italian, US english. So Pärnu seems to be during the tourist times pretty diverse.

As the time started to be pretty much there was hungry complaints in our family, and we decided to have lunch, and according to Trip Advisor, and somewhere else I read that a place called Steffani. Italian food is primarily served, and the kids and myself choose to order pizzas, as my wife took a salad. The food was good and everyone was satisfied.

From there we headed to what is called MiniZoo. Everybody thought it was fascinating, although the kids also saw it a bit creepy. The Zoo isn’t big, but as our whole family got in for 18 euro’s, it was worth to visit. Annika got to hold a turtle in her hands and she liked it.

Sadly the place, and the terrariums seemed to be in poor condition. The windows for the terrariums were very dirty and seemed to be plastic pieces that seemed timeworn.

They were also filled with sheds of old snake skins, and the interior did not seemed to be invested on.

After that we decided to head back to the apartment for a little rest as the kids started to complain of fatigue. On our walk back to the car the first rain appeared, but we made it to the car before it started. And as we had got a refreshing cup of coffee, there was a heavier rain-shower, and we even heard thundering, but no lightnings. During our walk in the center we were lucky to not have any rain on us.

Wine selection of a medium sized supermarket in Pärnu.

After the small break, we headed to another nearby supermarket for dinner supply’s. What has been discussed in Finland for long times are is the possibility of buying wines in supermarkets, and in Estonia they have it already. The supermarket we went to was not big, but they still had a decent wine selection. For dinner we tasted smoked Latikas, or in English bream. A lot of bones, but is was good anyway. Neither me or Annika could remember if we have had it.

Estonia = Latikas,
English = Bream,
Finnish = Lahna,
Swedish = Brax

We also tried out the sauna at the apartment and it was ok, not the best, but good enough. 🙂

Sadly there is warnings for rain and lightning for tomorrow as well, so it seems that there won’t be any sunny beach-days for us on this trip.


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