Off to a good start

Last year i had a plan; to read at least one book per month. I failed, I failed BIG! I just concluded for myself, I did not have the strength, the true will power to execute this modest task in 2018.

It was obvious pretty early during 2018, that I would not complete the self made “project”. The disappointment slowly faded but didn’t disappear during the year.

There were during the second half of 2018 published a couple of books that really interested me, one was Bob Woodward: Fear: Trump in the White House (published September 11), and Michelle Obama: Becoming (November 13).

As my wife borrowed the first of the two from the library, I took on of the task to read the book. As she had read the book first, the time for me to read the book was short. This due to a small communication mishap between us two.

Bob Woodward: FEAR : Trump in the White House

Tomorrow the book has to be returned to the library, and I’m glad to inform that i actually succeeded.  I started the reading on Friday January 4. Hand at heart ,it has to be acknowledged that there certainly are parts of the book I don’t remember, but for the most part it was read with thought.

The book itself was…how to describe it, scary. I haven’t understood how this man (Trump) could be chosen to be president from the beginning, but after reading the book I’m even more shocked. What i even less understand is how he still, to this day can have anybody anywhere, who supports him. The liar and fool is not worthy of the title, prestige and power of the presidency.

“You never make those concessions. You never apologize. I didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. Why look weak?”
– Donald Trump

As a book, on a scale of 0-10 I would give it a 8-. Although the book is written in a way, that does not go too deep into the political system, with the complexity of the structure of US government, the timeline is somewhat too “jumpy” for my taste, going back and forth. As a visual person, there in my mind could have been more pauses with pictures of the people and places told in the book. Now the book’s major part from the start was all text, and as I don’t follow that closely US politics, there were people mentioned I had to look up, just to get a face to place in, when wrote about. The book has 362 pages, the first (and only) pages with pictures appeared at page 263.

Boob Woodward: FEAR : Trump in the White House

Bob Woodward with his team has made a good book, with a lot of investigation into the matters and as my wife said, me neither have ever seen in a book like this, with so much reference notices in the end of the book. I recommend this book for others, as it does give a broad picture on the nutcase in the Oval Office.

With this completed first book, this early in January, the spark and fight for the target of “one book per month” has motivated to try to complete it during 2019. 1 of 12 – DONE! 🙂

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