Reminder with a child’s view

Although i see myself in many things owning a childish mind. A good side of having children is that i receive reminders from them, to enjoy small things i tend to miss when juggling everyday task.


Yesterday one of these reminders was, when we left home for daycare and preschool, and we had exited the stairway from our building. The children shouted with a voice full of joy: “SNÖ! :D” (meaning: “SNOW!”). That continued with, “look dad at my tracks in the snow”.

As it was morning and there was a timetable to keep the first reaction was to hurry them on, which I did. Because we had a timetable to keep and if not hurried, they would be late or even miss the breakfast.

But still, the reminder was good, and when I left daycare and walked to the bus stop, to take the bus to my “daycare”, also known as work, I did took the time to enjoy the beautiful winter scene that lay before me.

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