Threat or possibility?

So I have all my career been in company’s that used Microsoft Office, but that will change soon, so is the changes to come, a threat or possibility for productivity?

So my employer is making a change from Office 365 to Google G Suite, and that brings along a lot of changes. In the future I won’t use Word, but Docs. Not Excel but Sheet etc.

Although I used Googles tools before, I’ve never used them for other then private use, and the use is somewhat different on my private side, compared to the business side. With a fast recap I have encountered Google in business use in my “previous life”, meaning I worked from an administer role for a customer at a earlier employer, but never have I used it myself as a everyday tool.

Can G Suite take over all the tools that Microsoft Office has offered from a business point of view up till now? There are correspondent applications if you compare Office with G Suite:

  • Word = Docs
  • Excel = Sheets
  • PowerPoint = Slides
  • Outlook = Gmail
  • Skype = Hangouts
  • Teams = Groups(?)
  • Windows Sticky Notes & Outlook Notes = Keep
  • OneDrive = Drive
  • Visio = Drawing

Although Microsoft have worked hard to developed the cloud tools for Office 365, a lot, there’ clear difference between online tools by Microsoft, and Google. Further more depending on which license plan you have from Microsoft, there are the programs you can install on your machine. Google doesn’t offer the same possibility of installation, as everything is cloud based.

As most company’s use Office, the question is how compatible and easy to use is it going to be use G Suite in collaboration with other company’s?


If any reader can give feedback on possible upcoming challenging situations, I would be glad to hear and prepare for them? Because I find myself knowing little about G Suite.

As Google keeps all tools online and web-based, they can focus all R&D on one-side tools, which are online. Microsoft need double the effort as they have to maintain both cloud based tools, as well as the software that’s installed on the machine.

Another good point of having G Suite vs. installed Office apps, are that they are always up to date. There’s no need to keep updating them which can be a hassle with Office. Have you ever been interrupted during business hours as there’s an update for Office? That’s annoying, and during this installations all Office programs has to be closed which means there’s a coffee break at sight.


With this transfer I also hope the users at our company slightly enforced will learn to save documents to the cloud, which hopefully minimizes the support needs, as files disappears, gets corrupted if a program crashes. Not that a great issue at our company, but the possibility is always present.

When getting familiar to the topic at hand i found a good comparison between Office 365 and G Suite. If interested you can find it here!

This has been a initial blog post on a matter, that I will return to when I have more experience of using G Suite.

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