Do you save to the cloud?

So the worst hype of cloud storage talk has calmed down, but it is still a popular topic to talk about, but is that so for everybody, or just companies? Well as an IT guy the answer and ease to talk about the cloud comes pretty naturally, but I have to lift this up again in a very concrete way. Yesterday  during my workday, my computers Bluetooth function just stopped working, as well as some other things. As i had a Skype meeting starting I did not have the time to troubleshoot it right away, but later I sat down to solve the problem. An hour went by with no success.
But as all my documents and pictures all is located in a couple of cloud solutions, I just decided to give up the problem solving, and just re-installed my whole machine. Yes, i know i have the knowledge to do this fairly easily, as i install machines on a weekly basis. From the moment i started Windows download, until the moment i logged in to a newly installed machine, there had passed about an hour. After that I just installed the most critical software’s that i use on a daily basis, including Google Chrome browser and Microsoft Office, and if needed, I were ready to work again. All my documents ready to be used, by just logging in to 2 cloud services. I use myself Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive for most document based files. Photos go from my phone directly to Dropbox, so nothing was lost. Tomorrow I just need to add my machine to the company’s Active Directory, and it will be as no interruptions even occurred. So i urge everyone to start using cloud based file storage. That way you won’t need to fear the possible day, when your machine decides to stop working.

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