Try to find the good in any situation

The maybe most used motivational line you hear and see is something like: “In every situation, try to find the good, not the bad.”

I received a while back a mail about a happening for work at 11 AM at another office, and i placed it in my calendar not to miss it. The event was to get to see our new upcoming offices. Today was the day when it was to happen, and as it was in the center of Helsinki, i took the bus and subway as my own car is in service. I went to the site where it was to be, a couple of hours early and thought i could work from there, to avoid a commute back and forth to my office.

Before i arrived to the venue i contacted one person i knew who works in that building to ask if there was a free table and chair, but he wasn’t at the office today. So he redirected me to another of his colleague. I then arrived at the office and asked the reception to contact this other person only to find out that he was not either at the office, as well as the small matter that the event I were coming to, was not today.  😦

So my great plan was great, it was just one day to early! 😀

As i’m not a regular to the public transport, i did not think of checking what the weather was going to be today, and of course it was a day when it were to rain, and i took no umbrella with me. This meaning, as i started my journey to my own office. I had a great opportunity to find the shortest way to the tram, which has the least possible outside walking.

So what was the good to be found in this mishap today:

  • I had a good chance to find for future use the indoor shortcuts to use in the center of Helsinki during rainy days.
  • I got a possibly very useful and good new contact about our new upcoming office.
  • I got to practice my future work commute.

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