Not again. :(

Why, why do have to get the flu again?

It’s not long since i had the flu last time and now it’s coming back. During last week i noticed that my throat was getting dry and sore and at that point i started guessing that here we go again. I tried my best to get the bugs killed so that the flu would’t get into full power but it seems as if i failed in my resistance attempts.

During the weekend my nose started running and today the cough started to appear. I just hope it won´t be as bad as the last time. Sadly this week is full of program, AGAIN.

Today Annika has trainings so i have to take care of Amelie. On friday one of my former colleagues with his fiance is supposed to visit us, and on saturday my grandma and grandpa is visiting with my parents. To much to do to get well. But no need to fall into despair. Just need to drink warm, keep myself warm, and avoid public places and i should be OK, and with some positive thinking everything will be great, agree? 🙂

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