The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen

Walks continue, and with it, the usage of mobile app Nextory for listening to audiobooks. As my walking is very active, the book consumption has increased significantly.

A book I stumbled upon in Nextory was Tuntematon Kimi Räikkönen (The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen). The book tells the story of Formula 1 driver who bears the nickname Iceman in the F1 scene. The nickname given by Ron Dennis at McLaren. The book was written by Finnish author Kari Hotakainen. In Nextory the book is read by Aku Laitinen. Technically the book is read well and Aku’s voice is pleasant to listen too. The audio time is 15 minutes short of 6 hours. On Nextory the book has received a mark of 4,1 stars, out of 5 possible. I personally gave it a 4 out of 5.

The book starts from Kimi’s childhood, going thru the early age, including even some background information of Kimi’s parents. As I’ve never been a fanatic Formula 1 fan or hardcore follower, I got a lot of interesting information thru out the book. Many new bits of information was mentioned about Kimi and his life, as well as F1 in general. Although Kimi’s silent media presence, few and short answers in interviews are well known, the book gave me a large understanding of the person behind a the headlines.

Kimi started his F1 career in 2001 with Sauber. During his career he’s also driven with McLaren (2002-2006), Ferrari (2007-2008), Lotus (2012-2013), Ferrari (2014-2018) and Alfa Romeo. (2019- ). In 2020 Kimi signed a new contract with Alfa Romeo and is therefore still driving. It’s mind blowing to think, that he has a 20 year career in Formula 1, at the age of 41.

The book itself brings up well the twists and turns of his career, like some of his personal side too. As Kimi does not live purposely on the tabloid papers, does not advertise his private life, quite on the contrary, he protects his private life, this book sheds light just enough to give understanding on several things thru-out of his career. I like the way the book is written on many parts, but in my taste, it jumps a bit too much back and forth from present day when the book was written in 2017-2018, and the chronology advancement of Kimi’s life.
As this is a book that Kimi himself has worked on, it can be seen as true and to a certain point as unedited. The things written about are not speculations, guessed or rumours. On the site it is reviewed as “The first and last authorised book on F1 Champion Kimi Räikkönen”.

The book is definitely a good read if this media shy, but spectacular Formula 1 driver is someone who you would like to know a little more about.
It has been awarded the sports book of the year in Finland in 2018, by the Sport museum in Finland. It has been a success, as it’s the all time most sold sport book in Finland. The book has been translated into several other languages, like in Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Polish. Author Kari Hotakainen won a Finlandia book award of this book.

Below a couple of videos from Youtube, where the first is a compilation of Top 10 moments, and the other of team radio messages between the pits and Kimi, which he’s famous of as well. Both videos from the official channel of Formula 1.

As a audiobook I would give it 4/5 stars.

Kimi’s moments:

Best team radio messages:


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