Pre-Dreamforce 2021

Before the pandemic, Dreamforce was exclusively at location in San Fransisco. In 2020 it was purely on remote model and 2021 brings new ways out again.

Before the pandemic I dreamed of participating in Dreamforce. Ever since I got in first contact with Salesforce in 2016, this gigantic happening was sort of a wishful dream to attend. Dreamforce is the largest singular event by Salesforce (and many others as well). Some 171 000 attendees participated in 2019, and the year of 2019 is special to me, because that year I got to participate in it. I wrote here on my the blog about it. One post more focused on the trip, and another on Dreamforce itself. Sure, it’s pricey to buy the pass, flight tickets, hotel etc. But believe me, it is totally worth it! I now dream of going there again.

Well we all know the pandemic hit in 2020, which cancelled all of this sort of activity around the world, but instead of cancelling all together, Salesforce decided to create a online happening with thousands of sessions, they streamed all over the world. And to the delight of everybody, it was free of charge. So of course I signed up, packed my days with streams and enjoyed it a lot. Blogpost about it here>>>.

But soon it’s finally time for Dreamforce again!

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This year Salesforce has decided to make Dreamforce a hybrid version. There is going to be a at location event in San Fransisco, but only for a select US participants, and the rest of the world will enjoy a virtual event. The virtual event is getting some new stuff too, as Salesforce is going to use a new streaming service called Salesforce+. According to rumours and published information, it’s profiled as “a new Netflix-like streaming service”. More info and good post can be found on Salesforceben has also done a great “Ultimate guide” post which i recommend to read.
The best part of this year as well is the fact that the virtual event is going to be free for all.

So as soon as the signup opened, I headed over and registered. If you haven’t, be sure to do so too. The event is held this year between September 21.-23.

What the invitation mail included was information that this years virtual event would contain “100+ hours of original content from around the world”, “4 channels covering every role, industry and topic”, “100k+ Trailblazers from around the world” and “1 global celebration”.

By now the episodes have been published, and there are so many, you wish you could clone yourself and listen to them all. Many of them are at the same time, which forces to prioritise them, and for me the scale was 3 level deep. As the episodes air’s US time, they fall straight in the middle of the night here in Finland, but we’ll see how many I can, and have the energy to participate in.

So besides adding the desired streams in my calendar, I also created a table to make it easier to follow and see what to chose from. I linked the Google Sheet here below, so even you can see the episodes and when it occurs Finnish times.
Red is Hot and means most interesting for me.
Green is neutral.
Blue is cold and least interesting.Probably won’t see them, if not for some weird reason, the red and green stream is not to my liking.

If you want to see the above embedded Sheet in a own browser tab, you can use THIS link.
As some might notice, there are some time slots, the program is not colour coded in red, green and blue, but green and green, and these will be decided in the moment which I’le follow. Maybe they aren’t at that time interesting enough. Maybe I’ll just will take a break on my side at that moment.

The days and nights will be long these days, but one should remember that this is just for a couple of days. I’le just bulk up on coffee, energy drinks and chocolate. 😀

And to ensure that all information just won’t go in from one ear, and out of the other, there will be much note and screen shots taken.

So sign up, plan your program by adding it to your calendar and tune in.

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