Dreamforce to you 2020.

#Dreamforce to you 2020, has been wrapped up. 4 days of sessions, forward looking technology and visions. What is my take then?

Some great, some weaker sessions. Compared to other webinars or webinars series, this was way better. Technically there was no breakdowns. The trails and sessions fluently advanced on 5 different streams simultaneously. The timetable was held and no delays occurred. The agenda builder worked well, and truly helps interested participants. And adding of sessions to your calendar is easy and fast, so you get the agenda moved to your calendar too.

One observation during the days was that there was more obvious Salesforce sales present, but it is understandable due to the event being completely online. It comes with the deal of participating, specially as all the streams and content was free.

The side shows and other entertainment spots were fun, although the best one for me was the performance of The Roots on Monday. The artist on the last day was not to my taste, and I actually closed the stream early.

The topics were understandable, with the continuance of Customer 360 from last year. The hot topic of course, “The New Normal” as the pandemic is still raging all over the world. Most of the sessions I attended, I could afterwards say that it was “done” with one sitting, and no need for the on-demand recap. But a couple was so interesting or watched with distractions here at home, it leads to, when the sessions become available for on-demand on December 18, I will re-visit them.

There are a lot of new exciting things coming up, and on December 21:st, the release notes for Spring 21 will be published. Will be interesting to see all the new features and updates that’s going to be arriving.

Automation and digital customer service is something so many companies are working on hard, and that is going to continue for the upcoming year 2021, and beyond. This is also something we at our company are working on, and there was seeds of new ideas planted deep within my thoughts. Just like last year, when I was lucky to get to attend Dreamforce on site in San Fransisco, I’m filled with new thoughts, ideas and energy, just in an another way this year.

A thing that has been annoying me since start of using Salesforce in December 2016 has been the transferring of development. The upcoming function of DevOps center is going to be GREAT! Finally the development and related transfer from one environment to another, can be done more easily. I just hope it comes sooner than later. As DevOps center is in pilot phase now and during Q1/2021, I’m hoping it will come GA (Generally Available) soon.

Another thing I’m very curious to see in the future is the IT Service Center, although I suspect it will be accessible only thru Work.com?

The improvements that’s coming to the Flows side seems cool to, and hopefully will make a lot of future things easier. Like the Scheduled Paths and Multi-Column Flow Screens. Specially the multi-column flow screens comes like on order. It is going to be GA in the Summer ’21 release, so not quite yet, but that is something that will fall directly into our future plans for our digital customer service.

I see great possibilities in the new Security Center too. I hoping that will give a needed boost to easier oversight of permissions, licenses etc.

I participated in a marketing session too, and it was interesting to hear that in a Salesforce Research they found out that 73% of responders said that messages should focus on Products. (vs Brand). I’m not a marketing professional, but if I would have been asked what the percentage would have been, I’ve would have said maybe 40-60, the other way around.

It was interesting to see, that “4 of 5 Service leaders said field service drove significant revenue in 2019″, and that “79% said field service was driving entirely new revenue streams.” As our company does not have a field service, the customer service is the “next in line”, and there is big potential here too. The topic of “Expanded end-to-end ecosystem deliver value.” is something that’s most certainly a fact. And as it was said by the presenter; “Companies with expanded partner ecosystems build trust by offering a range of services optimized fo the customer experience.” And that is something that many companies should implement even more, then at the moment.

All in all, I think the Dreamforce to you 2020 was a great success! With the event being cancelled due to the pandemic, this was a very good replacement event.

If and when the event in San Fransisco is brought back, I would like to see, and I hope that there will be some sort of variation of this kind of an event, for all of those that cant make it to main event. I could even see me to pay for it something, not full event price of course, but this way it could bring up more attendance.

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