Program changed to summer cottage

As the first week, and second week Monday was a lot of running around, we decided to calm things down and head out to the summer cottage.

Although the predictive weather for the upcoming days wasn’t that good, we packed clothes, drove by the grocery store and headed to the cottage. And as added bonus, the cousins of our girls were also heading out to the cottage.

On Tuesday the weather was splendid, but Wednesday started off just as bad as predicted. It started pouring in the early morning hours, and continued all thru to the afternoon. Then slowly the raining faded away and during the evening, even the sun showed itself.

According to the weather forecast it should have rained on Thursday too. Although some clouds, that could have brought some drops with them has been seen, nothing has fallen. The winds have been pretty hard and cold, but that’s nothing we couldn’t manage. Today I then took my phone with me to the shoreline, and took some picture of this and that.

Some enjoyable news was received after the morning hours, when my wife informed us she could joined us, as she managed to take a couple of days extra off work. ❤

Family happy to see her join us, and as it seems, my beautiful wife is as happy to be out at the cottage. 🙂

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