Sea Life aquarium – Helsinki

The new week started with a visit to Sea Life. Like last week, the program to come, was a surprise for the kids.

I’ve visited Sea Life once earlier, and the memories I had from there was good. As the kids like animals of all sorts, it seemed as a good place to visit and show both familiar as well as exotic sea creatures. Like the previous week, I didn’t tell them where we would go. Sea Life is located with Linnanmäki, the main amusement park in Helsinki, they first thought we would go there. They have requested to go there too, so as I showed them where we actually would go, there was a second of disappointment on their faces.

One of the rare moments I was fast enough to capture a picture of all the girls at a tank.

But the sad faces were quickly removed when they understood what exactly laid ahead of them. When we entered and the first tack contained piranhas, the ecstatic chatter resumed and ever grew louder. The next tank was every time more interesting, so on many occasions there was a need to remind the kids to actually take some time and really look what all could be found.

Like with the amusement park, also Sea life lacks of good parking, with it being close to central Helsinki. Therefore it’s highly recommended to arrive by public transport if possible. We found ourself very lucky to find a parking spot close by, so a short 5 minutes walk was needed. One thing I specially think is good is that Sea life has it’s own entrance if one like to use that, so there’s not a need to go thru the amusement park. Now specially as the pandemic is still ongoing.

I understand upkeep of the venue is high, and the price of entrance (adults 18,50€, age 3-14 15,00€, under the age of 3 free) is not very high in comparison to several other aquariums in Europe, but one must remember the other aquariums are much larger. The price ended up to be 63,50€ for one adult and 3 kids which feels a bit steep. Specially as many of the tanks was rushed thru b the kids, as they did not have the patience to listen to what I read from the signs beside the tanks.

On a side note, it’s great to see that Sea Life has been mentioned on the site as one of 10 “must see aquariums in Europe”.

On our visit we were very fortunate to be visiting when there was not that much people there. There were several sections where we could stand all by ourselves, and did not need to feel like; “we must move on so that others can come to see”.
The amount of visitors is restricted at the moment due to the pandemic, which is good. At the moment you need to reserve a specific time slot you want to visit, so that is good to take into consideration before visiting. What Sea Life could improve would be to place more hand sanitizer bottles around the path. Now there was at the beginning, once during the walk, and then once when exiting the venue. But there was none to be seen before entering the shop, and one or two could be placed during the path.

Overall it was a successful visit, every one in our party enjoyed it and the girls requested to come again soon.
So thank you Sea Life, we’ll see you again! 🙂

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