Elämää Lönnebergassa – Livet på Lönneberga

Roughly translated; Life at Lönneberga, is what one could call home farm, or small farm. There are some of these in the greater Helsinki area, but they are definitely not to be confused with a Zoo. This is the third I’ve visited, and in my oppinion, it’s the best of them.

Definition of Zoo = a facility with usually indoor and outdoor settings where living, typically wild animals are kept especially for public exhibition.

Finnish; Kotieläintila = livestock farm. In this scenario the farm animals are maintained not solely for the eggs from the chicken, nor the milk from the cows and so on. In this scenario they are held and taken care for, so that visitors can come and get to know the animals as well as get to pet and often also feed them.

Our oldest was a bit hesitant to go too close to feed the goats.

This farm is pretty new. They opened for the first time on June 20th of 2021. The farm is located near the city of Siuntio, which is located about 46km from Helsinki according to Google Maps. The farms precise address is Kynnarintie 310, Siuntio.

The farm is rather small, and although we arrived only 30 minutes after they opened for the day, there was already six or seven cars on the lot. Luckily there was room for us too, and the exploring started. At first there was some tension from the girls for the sheep, goats and cows were intimidating, but the bunny’s were a instant success. Our first born also loved to pet the dog that was so child friendly.

Bunny’s that melted the girls hearts.

The farm is held by Linda and Toni, who live in the house in the middle of the farm with their children.
Animals on the farm are:

  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Rabbits
  • Chicken
  • Ducks
  • Dogs
  • Cats

The whole farm is mainly maintained by the owners, assisted by their children. As it’s not that big, the atmosphere is very welcoming and “homie”. Both Linda and Toni are easy to approach and they are more then happy to both educate and in general tell about the animals. All the animals have their own individual names, and as one approach them, they are calm and curious, and if one reaches out, they are more than happy to get some petting and scratching.

The bunny’s must have gained a good 1kg during our visit, they really got well fed then.

For my three girls, the absolute favourite animals were the four rabbits. At their enclosure the majority of our time was spent.

When you arrive, there is a welcoming desk, where you buy your entrance fee, which is 6€ per person, although children under 2 gets to visit for free. They also have a family pack of 20€ for four persons, 25€ for five, and for every addition person it’s 5€. You can also buy chicken food bags, to feed the ducks and chicken who roam freely on the premises.
As we were 4 persons, the total came in to 20€ which was so worth it. We ended up spending a little over 2,5 hours, and if it was up to the kids, they would have spent even more time.

Tagged to have been there.

So is there nothing to improve? Well nothing drastic from what I can think of. One thing could be to spread one or two more trash bins around the premise. There was for instance no trashcan at the entrance, or then I just missed it. The signs around the farm were very cute and well done, but one thing that could have been improved was some sort of signs with the names of the animals. Maybe some sort of info board, with the picture of the animal with it’s name, and maybe age. Something in the beautiful visual style as the other boards. Names and information can be found on the website, so one could open that on their phones as visiting or walking around.

But as earlier mentioned we enjoyed our stay very very much, and will definitely visit again. So we highly recommend for everybody to go visit, and support the business. As it’s close to the Finnish capital, it’s an easy and quick daytrip visit.

The cows were so beautiful and relaxed. They all so enjoyed to be scratched.

The farm can be found on Facebook where they write posts in Finnish and Swedish. They have a webpage which is in Finnish. They also have a Instagram account and Youtube channel.

That’s one happy goat! 🙂

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