Forgetful…yes, very today

So today i do not seem to be at my sharpest, why?

Well, when i have started the car i noticed that i forgot my wristwatch at home. “I can live one day without it so let it be” i thought and drove on to work. The majority of the drive i tried to remember all the task i have to do today and couldn’t come to think of just a few things although i had a suspicion that there would be so much more.

Well at the point when i had drove 23 minutes and there was aprox. 7 minutes left i started looking in my pockets for my keys to the office, and yes, as you can guess, i seemed to have forgot them as well home. *sigh*

As i was out early today i arrived at the office 7:02 am and at that point there’s not much traffic at the office doors i could’t do anything else then just wait at the door. Luckily there came some co-workers only after 4 minutes of wait. But this means that today there won’t be much moving around in the building. Luck will be i only have 3 meetings today and all of ’em are located at my floor so can manage without the keys with a small effort.



Hopefully the day will get better. 🙂

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