Dreamforce 2021 – Day 3

Day three was shorter than the two earlier, which they are on the at site happening. It’s more of a wrap up day of the previous ones. So what could one pick up during the last day on the Salesforce+ platform?

I started the last day with the session “Your Roadmap for Connected, Effortless Service”. From there I headed to the topic “A Trailblazer Guide to Modernizing Customer Service“. Then there was a hour’s break when none of the the available topics really interested me. But the one which did after the break was “The IT Leader’s Guide to the Salesforce Platform Roadmap“.


This third one was really interesting and I highly recommend it to any Salesforce user, or otherwise interested of the topic. The last seassion for me was titled “Empower IT to Ship Faster with Functions and DevOps Center“.

In general the third day displayed clear roadmaps and functionality that will be released in the future, here’s a short list of interesting, and upcoming functions. Bold marked functions are some of the most interesting or sought for functions.

  • Customer Service Incident Management – Generally Available (GA) Winter ’22
    • Although this is a great function, I can’t see at the moment this becoming really necessary for our company.
  • Swarming – GA Spring ’22
    • Really high hopes for this function, and is definitely going to be implemented into our company. As Slack is recently implemented into our company, we now have high high hopes for this function, to be able to harvest the power of our development into our customer service.
  • Einstein Conversation Mining – Pilot Winter ’22
    • Can’t really say if we are going to dive into this tool. Maybe as soon we get more information on this.
  • Multi-Object Pages – Pilot Summer ’22
    • Super happy this is coming. I see many use cases at out org where this can and will be implemented.
  • Admin Filterable Related Lists – GA Summer ’22
    • Super happy about this as well. Something we have been waiting for, for a long long time. This is going to make several things possible within our org.
  • App Builder for Slack – GA Spring ’22
    • As like the two above mentioned functions, this will most definitely going to be used at our company. Eagerly waiting to get my hands on this as soon as possible.
  • Flow Orchestrator in Slack – Pilot Spring ’22
    • Very curious to see how we could take use of this when it comes available. Will try to be a participant of the pilot ones registrations is opened for this.
  • Einstein Document Reader – Pilot Winter ’22
    • Interesting function. Not really sure how this could be utilised, but luckily there are others at our company who can find possible use cases for this function.
  • Backup & Restore – GA Winter ’22
    • We are going to have to thoroughly look thru the pricing model for these, but as functions they seemed pretty well thought thru.
  • DevOps Center – GA Spring ’22
    • Oh yes!!! This can be a game changer for us. With this there is a possibility to streamline, and deepen the co-operation of development for our production org.
  • Privacy Analytics – GA Spring ’22
    • Will take a look at this for sure, but not maybe something that made me super excited.
  • Preference Center – GA Spring ’22
    • This one went by me, so have to take a look at it at some point.

And this list is just some of all the functions coming. There is already on this link some truly game changing functions and tools. Some we have been waiting for several years, and some that made my fingers itch, so badly I wan’t to get my hands on them. One example that will be awesome is the filterable related lists. With that function we can project a lot more information to our customer community, and by that include customers in the data management. GREAT!

Case swarming will also have the potential of a game changer. All in all I’m really eager to see how Salesforce will improve and develop the integration between Salesforce and Slack. We have recently implemented Slack in our company, and there is a really good vibe and excitement towards this new tool. And we were a bit disappointed in the current integration, due to it’s different limitations. But there’s a lot of good signs on the horizon and possibilities to come.

But once again I’m happy I was able to participate in the event, although from a distance and over the web. The new Salesforce+ streaming service worked well, some improvements can always be implemented. But for this to be the first time in use, and with this volume, I still see this as a great success on behalf of Salesforce once again.

A couple of improvements I would like to see would be a search function. Now it’s not always clear to where one can find which session recording. Now and then when returning, I don’t seem to have the same insight if the session is for instance a Service session, or a keynote session. Was it an Admin session or Developer session? In these cases a search function would be very useful.
Another improvement would be to be able to scroll the video feed. Now for some reason the video can be paused and played, but one is not able to scroll back and forth on the timeline. Meaning, if the part one would like to see is in the end, you have to look thru all the possibly 20+ minutes of video. And if you go over some point, and would like to return, to see a short replay, you’re not able to. You have to see the whole video from the beginning again. Soooo frustrating, especially if it was a technical demo.

Although this streaming went smoothly, it is nothing compared to being on location, and I really really hope I get the chance to go soon again. When the pandemic has been won and international travel to the US is opened again with all crazy restrictions.

I’d like to thank Salesforce once again for a great Dreamforce, and hope to see them continuing to be broadcasted over the net for free in the future as well. Now it’s just a long wait for next years DF.

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