Ecosystems, is it one or the other?

So those who know me, know I’ve preferred Windows and Android for as long as I’ve used tech products. But can “the other side” improve my efficiency? The test has started.

During spring of 2020 I did a test, and learning experience of using a mac. There was one available Macbook at work, so it was without any cost I could do the test. The reasoning was to learn of Apple computers for managing better support for our mac users, as well as to see if I could rely on the machine completely for work. But if we were to first take a look at this “ecosystem” that is mention in the heading?

Wikipedias definition of a digital ecosystem starts as following:

A digital ecosystem is a distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical system with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability inspired from natural ecosystems. Digital ecosystem models are informed by knowledge of natural ecosystems, especially for aspects related to competition and collaboration among diverse entities.

I suggest you check out a great video on the issue by Marques Brownlee on Youtube. (, 8min watch)

For me it really took some getting to know this new machine with it’s OS, or Operating System. And there were many, many times a need for googling for answers, or asking friends for solutions. Slowly I got into the groove. Sadly thou the Macbook Pro 13″ I used, started to have some overheating issues, and I returned to my XPS 15.

After some troubleshooting of the heating problem, I did some reconfigurations and managed to calm the mac down, so that I could continue my MacOS learning. But there was still some unexplained force that drew me back to my PC during the fall.

As the year started to draw to it’s end, it was time to update my computer. Like so many times before, I started to compare models and specifications on Windows machines. But during the comparisons, I heard of a former colleague who had switched to a Macbook. But he still had a virtualised Windows on the machine, which I personally did not see as a valid compromise. But the test, or learning period earlier in 2020 had been successful enough, resulting to an inquiry  if my desired Macbook would be accepted as a purchase by my employer.

One clear thing I learnt during my testing on a 13″ machine, was that I needed a larger screen, and as a user of 15-inch Dell XPS, the criteria was a 16″ Macbook Pro. That also  was approved, so the leap was taken.

As I now sneak up on 12 weeks of using my new machine, I think it is time to start gathering my first thoughts on this machine.
One of the main reasons to switch OS camp, was that I absolutely love the keyboard of Apple. And as the keyboard is the same on the external ones, it was a huge reason to switch. New Dell machines that we use at our company, does have great batteries, but at the same time I experienced that the Macbook’s batteries are equally good. But maybe the largest reason was still just the intrigue of having something really new. Windows machines has been experience for so long, and I will still be managing them for our users, so this could truly be a new experience.

There has not been too many large compromises so far. Nothing in my everyday life has been denied, a little hindered  but not blocked due to having a mac. Most of the struggles has been due to missing experience. Small things, but noteworthy. Like, how should one make the “wave” symbol? Haven’t been able to add that in text as a letter, just as a picture through the symbols menu. (Control+Command+Space)
Or as I have imprinted F5 key as refresher in browsers, the way I found on the mac is Command+R. When typing mails, you use the @ -letter in addresses. On a PC it feels somehow more natural then on the mac, where you use Option+2. The Option keys, both of the are on the mac keyboard located at, in my mind on a tricky place.

It has also taken some time to getting used to the close, minimise and maximised buttons being located in the upper left corner of the windows, instead of the right corner. Another thing are the menu of all the programs being located in the upper left corner of the screen, not in the program. I’m not that fond of the menu’s being detached from the program windows. Also the split screen function is in my mind better in the Windows world.

On the setting side I’m annoyed, that when you install a program, Cisco VPN for instance, where there are some permission needed to be approved, you have to find, or remember to navigate to System Preferences / Security & Privacy  and there log in with admin credentials. Why couldn’t that be brought up front where you are at the moment installing the software?

And as we’re on software. Although Apple Mail is a pretty good email client, it is not the most efficient when wanting to move a mail into a subfolder. And what’s up with Apple Calendar? If I want to make a new appointment or meeting reservation, why is the create new event pop-up window so small? And lacking a standard feature like visibility/privacy of the event? And I prefer Windows Explorer way more than Finder, when browsing thru files. For instance, why does the window have to be so small by default? When looking thru folders and files, I always have to drag the file columns to find the file or folder I was looking for. And the sorting of the files and folders in Finder is bad as well.

There are so many many small things like this, that I’m sure of I just don’t know something, and others being functions getting used to. But so far I’m happy with the switch. And the coming 3 years with this machine does not worry me at all.

But have I been completely turned into a Apple evangelist, well…no!

More of this tech camp jump will be published later on as there’s been escalation of the Apple gadgets.

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