It’s about perspective

Corona is terrible, and it’s that way for everyone. But how bad is it, and should one start to panic?

Well, the simple answer is NO, people should not start to panic. But what’s interesting is to see the perspective in graphs. The data used here is from a site called, it’s not completely factual, and all figures and graphs are merely to visualize, and give some perspective.

What people needs to remember, is that there are so so many thing’s to take into consideration when following the news, and sites like the one linked just now. Another thing to remember is that the testing is performed differently in many country’s. Finland limits it’s testing to people over 70 who are suspected of having the virus, as well as other who are in the “risk groups”. Not everybody is systematically tested. I don’t think many country’s in the world has the capability of performing that task.

So, if looked at the the graphs, and first just looking at Finland, it looks close to a doomsday trend.


The spike is hard and from the low numbers of 5, 6, 7 infected, the rise up is sharp and looks terrible. But what if other Nordic country’s are taking beside the Finnish spike?

2020_03_19_21_51_29_Corona_Virus NordicNote, the timeline is the same in all graphs. Of the above mentioned country’s only Sweden stands out with population, noticeable higher the Denmark, Norway and Finland. And then as further perspective, let’s include USA.

2020_03_19_Corona_Virus Nordic+USA

As said, we have to remember the country’s are very differently sized.

  • USA’s population 327 million (2018)
  • Norway’s population 5,295,619 (2018)
  • Denmark’s population 5,806,081 (2018)
  • Sweden’s population 17 million (2018)
  • Finland’s population 5,5 million (2018)

So to recap, one is not to blindly stare on a graph, but remember to take perspective, of all the variables. The ones who know how to read the figures are the experts. They have the true statistics, and information from other country’s. They also have access to the best of professionals in all fields.

Most of all in this extraordinary time, follow the official recommendations of expert’s on what to do, how to minimize the risk of either getting infected yourselves, as well as infecting others. Like said in by the experts, we need to flatten the spike to ease the healthcare professionals work.

And if possible, support the local and domestic entity’s so that when the worst is over, the recession wont drag the whole country to worse then it could be, and a new rise can start.

Disclaimer; I’m not saying one should in all matters follow one person or authority blindly, without any questioning. But if you feel you have something to give as a input into the situation, use the proper channels, and tell your information/thought/advice thru forward. Not by spreading false information on social media or other generally available channels, only because it supports your agenda or feeling. Fact’s matter!

4 thoughts on “It’s about perspective

  1. Chris

    You are correct, facts do matter. What I feel is that countries now need to look at what happened in Italy, where the patients overwhelmed the medical resources in a drastic way. It’s not just the medical personnel but hospital rooms and ventilators that are lacking but enough tests to make sure the diagnoses are correct. If too many people get sick at the same time, who is going to triage (decide) who gets the limited medical care, and who doesn’t??

  2. Chris

    My perspective is of course the US, where Trump has made a fool of himself all along the way. Things should have been started a long time ago, but he is too idiotic to understand when things are explained to him, instead going by his own stupid “hunches” rather than informed choices. He does not understand briefings so blathers on and gives wrong information at press conferences, thus scaring people and keeping meaningful actions from being started in time to mitigate chaos. He worries only about his political image!

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