Maintenance of team spirit

Team spirit is important, may the setting be whichever and wherever. In the workplace, the team spirit well-being is directly in correlation to success and performance result.

At my employer, the importance of team spirit is recognized from the highest top of the organization, right down the organization chart. And there’s active work done to maintain and improve both the well-being of the individual, as well as the team’s in the workplace. What we have implemented in our small but efficient IT&DevOps team, is a kick-off event every year after the summer vacations. The thought is that we get together, spend a day of both work, and fun. But maybe most of all, team building. Although we are only a three persons team, and we have clear difference in backgrounds as individuals, the importance to maintain and improve on the atmosphere and team spirit is clear to us all, and everybody is happy to do their share of the work for the common good.

There is a deep respect of each others ideas and suggestions, may it be a work issue, or planning the teambuilding day’s program. One liked and enjoyed activity for the kick-off days, have now been sailing, although only one of us actually does it as a hobby, or lifestyle. We have done sailing trips twice before, and when the idea was brought up earlier during this fall, it was second by all very fast. The one to two day trips we have done has been fun, and efficient every time. There has been done good development decisions both in processes and tools during these trips which then support the company in several ways.

Yesterday this highly anticipated trip occurred, and our skipper had chosen to take us to an island named Örö on his boat La Vida. This year, as well as last year, we invited the BU director with us. At approximately 9:00 we set of from the pier, for a little short of 4 hours transfer to Örö. During the first hours of sailing the weather was a bit chilly and there was pretty thick fog. Slowly and surely the fog lifted, and the sun came out. We heard a presentation of the company’s strategy for 2021, as well as a couple of years forward. We discussed how the company strategy forms our teams strategy, and what we want to add to it, so that we can support rest of the company to achieve their goals.

Sadly the wind was so still, there was no sailing on our way to Örö, so the propeller slowly but surely moved us to the goal for the day. Although there was fog when arriving, it dissolved pretty quickly, and the sun came out. During our whole stay at Örö, we had near perfect weather, with sun from a almost clear sky, and a light breeze from the sea. We started by making a hike of 5,65km. Due to some restrictions from me, the pace was very relaxed, and after of walking in near 2h we were back at the restaurant for lunch. As we were the only island visitors, the service was excellent. Had very good salmon soup for lunch, which all enjoyed with a good appetite.

Image can be enlarged by clicking it.

After lunch we did another short hike of 3,3km, and after just under 1 hour we returned to the boat. We set loose from the pier, for the return trip back to the starting point of Taalintehdas. As Örö is a fortress island, there is still artillery and bunkers, shooting grounds left, and all this lifts the curiosity towards the island.

The return trip was similar, as on the way to Örö. Filled with talk of the future of our team and company. Things that can be improved, and discussions on several more or less important topics. During our return trip, the wind picked up and engines were shut off, sails were lifted and everybody enjoyed the beautiful Finnish archipelago in near silence. Only the jokes and laughter of our groups bad jokes was heard for miles I think. This years “new” thing was not only the destination, but the experience of sailing in the dark. The skies were clear, and we got to silently proceed over pretty calm waters with the moon as light. It was a truly great experience which all of us enjoyed, and will most certainly remember for a long time ahead.

I would like to thank our skipper and host Riku, for having the opportunity to once again experience the Finnish archipelago at it’s best on his boat. For the patient to guide us as we seem to not remember anything that was told a year earlier about sailing.
As well there’s a great thanks to Siina and Janne for the bad jokes and numerous laughs during the day.

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